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Dr. Júlio Stédile, M.D.

Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial Plastic Surgery

Fill Facial

Facial Filling / Bioplasty We can enhance the face’s appearance, improving beauty features through medical facial filling techniques (Bioplasty). A Face preenchimento_facial_01In the West there are certain facial features common to both men and women that are spoken of when it comes to facial beauty and harmony. These characteristics can be observed in the malar region (more prominent) and especially in the existing proportion between chin and nose. For men, the definition of jaws, nose and size of the malar region is predominant. In this regard, facial filling techniques have a significant use because through them it is possible to define and augment facial areas which, as an ensemble, bring about highly positive results. The desired and expected result consists of defining and augmenting the features of female and male beauty within the dominant esthetic standards. One seeks balance and harmony in facial features by using filling techniques to define the symbiotic relationship between nose, chin, lips, jaws, and other facial structures. The use of filling techniques to correct what is unsatisfactory and, especially, to enhance and define features will help achieve a standard of beauty and esthetics. Bear in mind that esthetic views are not a consensus, they are individual conceptions. preenchimento_facial_02Tissue aging does not necessarily follow a timeline. In view of genetic features, working activities and external aggressions (smoking, alcohol and sun, for instance), the face may suffer from early aging. Thus, wrinkles, flaccidity, skin furrows and folds appear, which may be associated with degenerative skin flaccidity. In these cases, filling techniques can also be used to help correct and restore what nature, associated with the forces of gravity, has caused. It is important to point out that filling techniques can be used in a complementary fashion together with other corrective methods. Thus, a patient can combine surgical procedures (with incisions) with procedures using filling techniques (incisionless). In a joint procedure (plastic surgery + filling techniques), the desired result is potentiated. Facial skin flaccidity. Facial surgeries can be complemented with facial filling. Facial tissue aging brings along with it a completely undesirable and abhorred component, namely, skin flaccidity and reductions in facial tissue volume. However, by using filling techniques we can fill in the volume lost by facial tissues over the years. Thus, we can fill creases and restore the main facial features (e.g.: the contour of the jaw and chin). If needed, we can use botulinum toxins (Botox) and other complementary procedures. The surgical method that can be associated with filling techniques is “facial lifting”, which aims at removing excess skin and restoring elasticity to related muscles. Filling Techniques Facial filling techniques are performed without cuts. They primarily consist of injecting medical/pharmaceutical products into facial furrows and wrinkles, making them shallower and providing the face with a younger look. They are also used to increase the size of tissues in the area of the chin and jaws, among others. The procedures are performed exclusively by physicians, through which intradermal, subcutaneous or deep (near the periosteum) implants are placed. Fillers can be of a temporary or permanent nature, according to the body area into which they are implanted. Temporary fillers are eventually reabsorbed within a year on average, depending on the substance used, for example, hyaluronic acid. The procedure is performed at the clinic and no hospitalization is needed. All products used by the clinic are internationally recognized and are approved by ANVISA in Brazil. PRECAUTIONS TO TAKE BEFORE THE PROCEDURE The risk of internal hemorrhages and hematomas increase with the following drugs, even in case of filling techniques (incisionless surgery): salicylic acetyl acid (aspirin), nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anticoagulants, vitamin E, vitamin C, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, garlic, alcoholic beverage and some homeopathic medicines used continuously. Local reactions POSTOPERATIVE ADVICE: Local redness and edema (swelling), which usually disappear within 48 hours. Small hematomas may persist up to 7 days, on average. Postoperatively, the use of cold dressings on the area is necessary, and mild analgesics or anti-inflammatory agents (prescribed by a doctor) can be taken. The patient is recommended to return for evaluation within a week at most. Lip augmentation Lips are undoubtedly a sign of sensuality and beauty. By using surgical techniques (DR. STÉDILE’S TECHNIQUE for augmenting the size of the upper lip through rhinoplasty) we can change the shape and increase the size of the lips, in the case of a patient being subjected to concomitant rhinoplasty. If a patient only wants his/her lips to be filled, we will use filling techniques with absorbable products, exclusively. Dr. Júlio Stédile has vast experience in plastic and otorhinolaryngological surgery and is one of the world’s authorities in this specialty. BE WISE WHEN CHOOSING A SURGEON. As occurs in other professions (lawyers, teachers, politicians, masons, cabinetmakers, baby-sitters, plumbers, etc.), there is a significant difference in the work provided by physicians. DIFFERENT SURGEONS HAVE DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS, DIFFERENT WAYS OF WORKING, DIFFERENT ESTHETIC VIEWS AND SHOW SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCES IN THEIR SURGICAL RESULTS.


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